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Plastic screw caps & accessories


The ideal accessory to finsh off any project.  These screw caps are available in two sizes, 8/10 & 10/12 and cover up screw heads on any job.

Available in white, beige, cream, light grey, anthracite, oak and green from stock............we are also able to offer you a choice of over 90 different colours!!

Feel free to contact us for more details along with colour options.

Caps are available in multiples of 100 and are supplied with necessary washers.

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Handrail Bracket
Handrail Bracket
Screw caps & washers
Screw caps & washers
Screw caps (qty 100)
uPVC skirting/fascia end cap
uPVC skirting/fascia end cap
Fascia/Skirting end cap