UPVC Ranch Style Skirting

UPVC Ranch Skirting

Deck Brokers ranch style skirting planks has been designed to complement our Upvc balustrade and decking systems. With seven colour options we are confident we can match your requirements.

Used in conjunction with our 700mm x 40mm x 40mm intermediate support posts and our 1800mm x 88mm x 88mm skirting posts, the ranch style skirting fills the gap between your holiday home and the ground for an excellent finished look.

UPVC Ranch Style Skirting
  • Fascia / skirting planks 6000mm x 150mm x 25mm
  • Custom sizes available on request
  • Easy installation using our 700mm support posts
  • Available in wide choice of colours: Foiled Anthracite, White, Beige, Cream, Brazilia, Foiled Golden Oak, Foiled Forest Green

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UPVC Ranch Style Skirting Sizes Available:

Please find below a table showing our colours and sizes.
Other sizes may be available upon request.

Colours Length Width Thickness
White 6000mm 150mm 25mm
Beige 6000mm 150mm 25mm
Cream 6000mm 150mm 25mm
Brazilia 6000mm 150mm 25mm
Foiled Anthracite 6000mm 150mm 25mm
Forest Green Foiled 6000mm 150mm 25mm
Golden Oak Foiled 6000mm 150mm 25mm

Ranch Style Skirting

Ranch Style Skirting Seven Colour Options:

White, Beige, Cream, Foiled Anthracite Grey, Brazillia (light brown), Foiled Golden Oak, Foiled Forest Green

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