UPVC Caravan Skirting Systems

UPVC Skirting Systems

Complete the look with: Variform Vinyl UPVC Skirting Systems From Deck Brokers.

Having bought your holiday home, park home or lodge, sited it and maybe added a deck it would be a pity to leave the underside of your investment open to the environment. A Variform UPVC skirting kit not only improves the look of your home it also insulates beneath it and prevents any build up of windblown debris gathering under your home.

Variform has been an industry leader in the Vinyl UPVC Skirting Systems for over 20 years.
They use state of the art technology to guarantee colour accuracy and consistency from panel to panel. Their easy –to-install panels are impact tested and checked for compound consistency and heat distortion. All Variform products are made in the USA, built to stand the test of time and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Available in White & Cream.

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UPVC Caravan Skirting Systems

Skirting System Components That Make The Difference:

  • Our front rail resists warping and blowout because an overlapping design allows for expansion and contraction of the panels in any climate.
  • Removable panel design lets you store garden tools, lawn furniture and children’s toys out of site but not out of reach.
  • Panel profile adds strength.
  • The back rail is designed to receive the front rail and panels self-adjust to ground level fluctuations caused by changes in weather.
  • Pre-notched front top rails also quick snap into back rails reducing installation time. Installation guides keep panels from snagging on rail fasteners and buckling.
  • Special interlocking panels keep skirting secure and locks hidden to enhance your homes appearance.
  • Ventilated panels help eliminate moisture build-up and allow for proper air circulation. Please check your homes specifications for proper ventilation requirements.
  • Our “F-shaped” bottom rail provides a stable foundation and prevents the channel from buckling. It also provides pre-cut slots for ease of ground attachment.